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  • "Memphis. I love it and I hate it," said our driver as he took us into a part of town tourists never see. Three years ago at Folk Alliance we signed up for the outreach program to play a set at wherever they wanted us to - a school, old folks home, hospital, whatever. We played at a homeless veterans' shelter. These guys weren't sure what to think of us, two white cowboy looking dudes. But I guess attendance was mandatory to listen to us. Let's say they did not appear enthusiastic about the entertainment they were expecting.

  • Esteban Jordan passed away last week from liver cancer.  There was nobody like him.  I first heard Steve Jordan on Horizontes on KUT back in the early 1980s.  They played "El Kranke" - a long repetitious tune that likely had it's own specific dance steps.  It wasn't like anything I'd heard so I started listening to more.  I bought albums.  Some stuff was a little out there, likely fueled by El Polvito.  Here's a nice NPR piece on Esteban, done about a year ago:


  • How do YOU like to be updated and contacted?  They say to contact your fans and biz people in the same way you yourself like to be contacted, but everyone is different. 

  • It was one of those magical moments that leaves you awestruck over the magnitude and simplicity of life here on earth, in the wilds of West Texas.

    I was taking the dogs out for their nightly pee before turning in.  It's yet another one of those crystal clear, but a rare perfectly still, night here in the Davis Mountains.  The sliver of moon has long passed below the horizon and the stars are so bright and close it's like each one is shining directly down on you.  Both dogs give a few perfunctory barks to let everyone know they are on the job.


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