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URGENT - Help Save Austin Community Public Radio


[I received this from Cleve and Mary Hattersley of Greezy Wheels, via Gary Oliver.  Don't let Austin erode any further!]


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New Border Blasters World HQ coming along nicely

Alex and I are making good progress adding the various modules and components to the new Border Blasters World HQ.  Please bear with us as some parts are not implemented or not completely functional.  But please do explore the site and let us know what you think.  Be sure to sign up at the FanZone for exclusive, unreleased MP3s.  -tj

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Yet another blog entry test

Just a test to check date format updating.

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New web site almost ready

I'm really excited about the new web site.  Many thanks to Alex for all his good work on this.  I've been wanting to write in my blog lately.  Of course now that it's online I don't have anything to say.

Looking forward to Kerrville Folk Festival next weekend!

- tj


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Okay, I'm liking this Drupal thing so far as a content management system. Now I just need to learn the basics of the design part of it to make it look right. Any suggestions?

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Radio Reminiscences

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