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  • If you are a radio programmer, station manager, DJ, whatever, and would like the Border Blasters to do a radio promo spot for your station or show just drop us a line via email and let us know what you would like us to say.   We (or I) will send you a spot right away, probably just voice but you can add a music back easy enough.

  • Cities are easy.  Easy to get what you need - food, hardware, movies, whatever.  Not so easy to get around in though.  But it's comfortable.  We stay in a nice house in a nice quiet neighborhood.  There are great people to meet and enjoy here.  Places to play, things to see and do.

  • It's one of those overly beautiful nights here in the Davis Mountains.  Cool breezes blowing around, in the screen door on the bedroom balcony (why did I wait so many years before putting one on?!), ringing the big wind chimes in the garden.  Puffy clouds floating low over the mountains illuminated by the full moon above.  Earlier this evening I just sat on the front steps with an after dinner cup of coffee and watched it get dark.  I heard an animal noise I've not heard before down the canyon a bit.   Sounded like a big cat and probably was - a lion or a bobca

  • In Austin for SWRFA.  At Threadgill's this evening for the kick-off gathering.  George Ensle told me that Keith Carper passed away last night.


    I put up a Facebook page this morning as a rallying place for people, such as myself, who are concerned with KUT cutting the schedules of Larry Monroe and Paul Ray back to almost nothing.  As I was doing so I reflected on what KUT has meant to me, how important it has been to me throughout my life.

    KUT played a major role in my development as a human being, for better or worse (I'd like to think for the better).

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