10/01/2011 - It's SWRFA time in Texas

Geez, I've been terrible about updating the News section of this web site... 

We are in Austin for SW Regional Folk Alliance (SWRFA) Conference this weekend.  We are pleased and proud to have an official showcase performance tonight (Saturday at about 7pm).  We also have several private showcase performances too (but you can come, ask me how).  It's really great to see our Folk Music friends and we have fun being the blues cowboys at the conference.


05/20/2011 - "The Sun Session" starts hitting the airwaves!

Due to the fire excitement and out of town gigs we were delayed in getting "The Sun Session" CDs in the mail to all our radio station friends, but JR and I spent an evening last week signing and tagging about 300 CDs to send to the media.  Already we are getting some really nice praise:

"The Border Blasters are pure entertainers. stellar form..."
                                  - John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music Magazine


03/27/2011 - Back from SWRFA-NM & site note

We are back in West Texas after a fun and productive SWRFA one-day mini-conference in Albuqueque, NM. We had an official showcase and met some really nice folks. After the conference we went over to a nice bar where one of the other showcase bands, The Squash Blossom Boys, were tearing it up with high energy bluegrass. I think we will definitely be heading back to New Mexico soon!


03/19/2011 - NotSXSW Update

A friend wondered why I hadn't posted anything to Facebook or Twittered anything; wondered if we were in Austin. So, on this almost-last-day here at SXSW I'll catch up.


08/22/2010 - "The Sun Session" - new EP coming soon!

We are super excited to announce our upcoming "The Sun Session" CD. We recorded this at Sun Studios when we were in Memphis in Feb. 2010. The CD is going to be a little longer than an EP and a little shorter than a full album - just kind of a fun thing we wanted to do in that historic room. It's getting ready to be final mixed (by our good friend David Sinko in Nashville, who did "Blast From The Past" too!). We are kicking around some pre-sale options so you can be a part of the release too. Look for more info. We don't have a release date yet but it's not going to take too long.

06/04/2010 - Slow news day

Wow.  Just looked at the site again and realized we haven't posted any "news" here since <gulp> February!  You would think we haven't done anything but nothing couldn't be further from true.  We've played 3rd Coast Music Presents during SXSW in Austin.  We had an amazing show opening up for the Austin Lounge Lizards' 30th Anniversary Extravaganza at the Texas Union Theater right after Folk Alliance.


02/18/2010 - It's FOLK ALLIANCE!

The Border Blasters are in Memphis, Tennessee for the International Folk Alliance Conference.  This is our second year to have an Official Showcase!  We are having a... BLAST!  More news later.  Must. Drink. Coffee.


11/10/2009 - Back from FAR-West

We had a great time at FAR-West!  What a nice bunch of people.  And a great response to our music.  It was sure fun to make a lot of new friends and hear some incredible music!  Too many to mention here but I'll try in a blog post.  Thank you FAR-West!


10/12/2009 - Twang Dang Doodle!

Wow!  What a great show at Antone's for the Twang Dang Doodle to benefit Larry Monroe, Paul Ray and SaveKUTAustin!  We had Will Sexton's Wine & Nut Revue rhythm section - Kevin Fox on bass, Eldridge Goins on drums - and by all accounts we "rocked."  We shared the stage with the incomparable James Cotton, Toni Price, and many more.  It was a great show for a great cause - trying to help these guys get the fair shake they deserve for decades of service to


09/25/2009 - SWRFA!

We are in Austin this week for the Southwest Regional Folk Alliance Conference (SWRFA).  It's always a great time and we get to see lots of our old and new friends.  There are three open-to-the-public events:  the kick-off open mic at Threadgill's New Old No.