Back from SWRFA-NM & site note

We are back in West Texas after a fun and productive SWRFA one-day mini-conference in Albuqueque, NM. We had an official showcase and met some really nice folks. After the conference we went over to a nice bar where one of the other showcase bands, The Squash Blossom Boys, were tearing it up with high energy bluegrass. I think we will definitely be heading back to New Mexico soon!

I haven't really kept the news and stuff up on the site here as much as I would have liked. I really like the design but I'm finding the Drupal platform a little cumbersome to work with. The tool that's easy to use is the tool that gets used, y'know... One thing someone pointed out is the shopping cart is not working; it's barfing on something to do with the shipping. For now the best thing for ordering CDs is to go to The Border Blasters' Store at CD BABY.