Slow news day

Wow.  Just looked at the site again and realized we haven't posted any "news" here since <gulp> February!  You would think we haven't done anything but nothing couldn't be further from true.  We've played 3rd Coast Music Presents during SXSW in Austin.  We had an amazing show opening up for the Austin Lounge Lizards' 30th Anniversary Extravaganza at the Texas Union Theater right after Folk Alliance.  We played an equally amazing house concert at Connie Gray and Austin Kessler's Mountain House Concert Series.  We had a blast playing the NAS "Bob" Battery dedication in Presidio in April (although I think we left our instrument stands there dangit - did anyone pick them up?)  In May we had standing room only at Flipnotics (admittedly it's a small room :) and tons of fun at Whip-In and MoMo's.  

The really cool news is that we've started working with a booking agency: Good Bookin'!  Working with Talia (who is also a great musician with The Lost Pines) is a real pleasure and we did our first round of Austin shows that she put together.  So give her a call to bring us to your hometown or your home.  

We've got a few local gigs coming up, and I'll update the news section with more info.  In the meantime, keep those cards and letters coming in.  We love hearing from you.