"The Sun Session" starts hitting the airwaves!

Due to the fire excitement and out of town gigs we were delayed in getting "The Sun Session" CDs in the mail to all our radio station friends, but JR and I spent an evening last week signing and tagging about 300 CDs to send to the media.  Already we are getting some really nice praise:

"The Border Blasters are pure entertainers. ...in stellar form..."
                                  - John Conquest, 3rd Coast Music Magazine

"I love the record, enjoyed every minute! I was having some fun playing songs related to the supposed end of the world Saturday and your "In the Next Life" was the perfect lead-off!"
              Jen Medlin-Lloyd
WNMC - Real Country MD
Traverse City, MI

"Cool record you guys did in Memphis. Keep up the great work."
Mark Mundy
KNON - Renegade Radio

I just dropped about 150 CDs in the mail today.  If your local station would play our kind of music let us know and we'll get 'em a copy.