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  • Slide 1In the groove at Uncle Calvin's Coffeehouse, Dallas, Texas
  • Slide 1JR & Todd doing the Border Blast Revue - 11am-1pm Thursdays
  • Slide 1Mark Pollock, Van Wilks, Michael Stevens, Todd Jagger, Jimmy Ray Harrell at KRTS Inaugural Party
  • Slide 1Jimmy Ray at KUT's Studio 1A, Folkways with Tom Pittman
  • Slide 1Todd with his Tiny Moore electric mandolin
  • Slide 1The Border Blasters at The Oaks, SXSW'08 (Brennen Leigh watching :)
  • Slide 1Todd, Van Wilks & Michael Stevens discover the hidden bass guitar cam... Busted!
  • Slide 1Border Blasters & Kendel Carson, backstage Patsy'08
  • Slide 1Todd, T.J., JR, Joe Gracey, Phil Johnson (clockwise, from back left) at Lone Start Studios, Austin, TX
  • Slide 1T.J. McFarland & JR test the wheelbarrow BBQ
  • Slide 1Dan Rather and Todd at KRTS inaugural festivities
  • Slide 1New Years 2008 at Sutler's Club, Fort Davis, TX
  • Slide 1Todd, Ramblin' Jack Elliott, Janie DeGuerin at KRTS inaugural festivities
  • Slide 1Todd's first gig with the Lizards got a feature photo in Philidelphia Enquirer.
  • Slide 1Phil Johnson at KUT's Studio 1A, Folkways with Tom Pittman
  • Slide 1Austin Lounge Lizards's 29th Anniversary show at Cactus Cafe, Austin, Texas
  • Slide 1The Border Blasters backing Kendel Carson, SXSW'08
  • Slide 1


8/20/2019 - It’s SWRFA time in Texas

Geez, I’ve been terrible about updating the News section of this web site… We are in Austin for SW Regional Folk Alliance (SWRFA) Conference this weekend. We are pleased and proud to have an official showcase performance tonight (Saturday at about 7pm). We also have several private showcase performances too (but you can come, ask me how). It’s really great to see our Folk Music friends and we have fun being the blues cowboys at the conference.


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2/24/2012  -  Wish I was in Memphis

Memphis. I love it and I hate it,” said our driver as he took us into a part of town tourists never see. Three years ago at Folk Alliance we signed up for the outreach program to play a set at wherever they wanted us to – a school, old folks home, hospital, whatever. We played at a homeless veterans’ shelter. These guys weren’t sure what to think of us, two white cowboy looking dudes. But I guess attendance was mandatory to listen to us. Let’s say they did not appea

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