05 10, 2009  - todd

It’s one of those overly beautiful nights here in the Davis Mountains.  Cool breezes blowing around, in the screen door on the bedroom balcony (why did I wait so many years before putting one on?!), ringing the big wind chimes in the garden.  Puffy clouds floating low over the mountains illuminated by the full moon above.  Earlier this evening I just sat on the front steps with an after dinner cup of coffee and watched it get dark.  I heard an animal noise I’ve not heard before down the canyon a bit.   Sounded like a big cat and probably was – a lion or a bobcat.  So many animal noises we hear on a regular basis: the coyotes are a continual presence, owls, whipporwills and killdear, other night birds I don’t know, javelina chattering their teeth – that’s an odd one.  But nothing stirs the spirit like the elks’ bugle.  It’s the call of the wild.

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