How do you like to be contacted?
10 04, 2010  - todd

How do YOU like to be updated and contacted?  They say to contact your fans and biz people in the same way you yourself like to be contacted, but everyone is different.

Personally I don’t mind a semi-regular email in my inbox (which, like yours I’m sure, is overflowing with stuff you have to wade through to choose what you want to read and what to discard).  It’s easy enough to hit delete on a band update email that I don’t want to read this time but maybe next time I will.  But one person’s “I want this” is another person’s “I don’t want this today” is another person’s “Why the *&^! are you spamming me?”

People often say “Let us know when you are playing in my town” and we want to do that.  But even one email per month can seem a little pushy to me, and sometimes we add shows at the last minute.

Sure, people can look on our website but that’s the ultimate in proactive fan action; I sure don’t think to look on a band’s web site regularly.  There are other options like Facebook updates, MySpace (does anyone really use MySpace any more?), and Twitter, but again, not everyone uses that.

So what do YOU like?  What is your comfort zone as far as updates, news, show announcements and stuff?

Let us know in the comments.

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